notes from new teacher orientation:

Alternatively titled: I am feeling hopeful and optimistic that I have found a school and people that are a good fit for me, and I am excited to help this school and this faculty and these students grow, and to grow alongside them (:

  1. “we will be better for your presence”
  2. Note to self: I don’t need to change myself to be a good teacher
  3. sitting in a circle = no one’s a satellite
  4. the bond of picking up a conversation where you left off without any hesitation
  5. day 1: working together creatively, playfully, cleverly
  6. action item: get a watch?
  7. middle school = ‘the land of the misdemeanor”
  8. teaching = balancing “the deliberate and the organic”
  9. just breathe
  10. lean into my natural
  11. “What questions are students asking”
  12. lanyard – crochet?
  13. non-stagnant goals
  14. “removing myself as the holder of the answers”
  15. What does it mean for student to have access to a classroom?
  16. “we are responsible for the cultures we create”
  17. reactive vs reflective
  18. noticing without judgement
  19. my teacher was mandated to report what i shared with him, and he did not.
  20. acknowledge what we see, particularly if its not okay
  21. rhythms and rituals
  22. Note to self: Show up. Be open.
  23. Note to self: I want people to know me. That means I have to show myself.
  24. Its about the starting. And the continuing.
  25. “helping students see that you see them”

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