long and short term goals and dreams

But who’s to say which is which

  • Create a math elective
  • Decorate/organize classrooms and office
  • write a play
  • create knit/crochet clothing
  • create a gender retreat or pen pal network or mentoring network or something related to giving the trans youths a place to explore gender
  • write pretty math puzzles
  • make cool escape room puzzles
  • crochet cool things
  • knit cool things/learn to knit
  • Research the crossover of fiber art and math
  • journal/post updates more consistantly
  • write poetry
  • Create art with trash
  • Learn more about 3d printing
  • Write a letter to students thanking them for being my first group I’ve thought for a full year
  • Do a workshop on gender/trans competency for faculty
  • Learn to roller skate more
  • Find a way to get back into dance


Handwritten poem  with pink paint scribbles in the background. Below is an illustration of a stump with roots growing underground and a single leaf growing from the cut portion of the stump. The words of the poem are below.
I always prioritized the parts above ground
the parts others could see, neglecting what went on below

But after everything, I am a stump,
cut down, dismembered
A series of Enormously Small choices has splintered my trunk

It will take time to regenerate

But the soil is good
My roots are strong