assorted thoughts from my notes app (pt. 5)

  1. predictions watching Netflix show, The Ultimatum
  2. how do you not feel guilty for being happy?
  3. Notes from physical therapy appointment: 3 exercises, 30 reps
    1. Updated note: 5 exercises, 30 reps, add weight? PT said I did good!!!
  4. “i love hearing his laugh downstairs”
  5. headache/migraine log
  6. “i can let these circles overlap”
  7. Brainstorm for my end of year letter to my students. I had a teacher who wrote a 12 page “journal entry” from 30 years in the future where she goes to see all of us spread around the world and what we’re up to. I want to give that to my students too.
  8. “there’s comfort in not being special sometimes”
  9. “fish oil 2/18”
  10. Generative art
  11. in class i give away the answer too quick…im too excited. i gotta let them have that excitement and glorious moment of discovery and clarity
  12. Speed run times for rows of my old crochet project: 5:07, 4:23, 4:53, 4:28
  13. a menu of potential birthday celebration ideas for my ❤
  14. “i don’t often keep promises to myself. i need to rebuild that trust”
  15. “I am not parallel lines”
  16. to think about (make peace with) when there is time (even though there never is):
    1. how to exist in capitalism
    2. creating waste, minimizing waste
  17. Quote from C: “Friends? I like them as a concept. Execution varies.”

excerpts from: Emails I’ve Sent This Week

Answering emails (particularly work emails) is one of my least favorite parts of my day. I don’t understand the level of formality or conventions. I am always afraid I am going to say something slightly wrong, or have a typo, or reply with the wrong tone. But I’m pretty proud of myself this week.

  1. My reply to asking if I would like to work on a costume in the next few weeks: “Thanks for thinking of me! I am currently stretched a little thin, and so I think I have to say no to this one sadly. But I can’t wait to see the show!”
    1. Wow did I just say no to a thing?
  2. My reply to a student (my first one ever!) asking me to write them a recommendation: “It is submitted! Good luck, and let me know what happens with this. The program looks incredible!”
  3. I asked for help!?
    1. “I was wondering if you have any advice for facing the next few weeks. I am struggling to find a way to best prepare lessons for students in school, knowing that in some of my classes as many as 1/3 of the students are out for the next week or so.”
  4. Checking in with students who were on quarantine: “I just wanted to check in and see if there is anything you need looking towards coming back to school. We have missed you!”
    1. I went back and counted, and I have 21 email conversation from students about covid from this week. Each conversation has 3-15 emails in it.
  5. I shared a puzzle I found and liked (found here): “Here is a cool puzzle thing that I found and am going to use for an opener in Geo.”
    1. These are really fun and students loved them and I am excited to do more things like this.

thoughts going into term 2 (as a real life math teacher)

(I’m actually a teacher, wow. This is my job? I am responsible for the education of actual human beings. I have been trusted with this? That still is sinking in.)

  • of course its starting with a new surge of covid and the possibility of going virtual. i am trying to not overthink things or get too anxious but wow i did not need that.
  • i spent about as much time planning when i would do various planning as i did actually planning.
  • i have a few new ideas for systems of organization, and i am excited to see if they work or make a difference and help me feel less chaotic.
  • i am very nervous for reestablishing norms. balancing being kind and understanding and encouraging them to take care of themselves now more than ever while also having high expectations for what I think they are capable of

Update: Thoughts after 2 days:

  • Wow I am so tired. I forgot how tiring this is
  • i did miss this, and these kids.
  • i did not miss emails. i hate answering emails. i don’t understand the genre of emails.
  • in general, i am very happy with my decision to do minimal work during break. this week is a little more busy, but i am glad i let myself rest

current projects (or things that i want to be projects…)

Alternatively Titled: Am I over whelmed or over excited?

(An incomplete/Working list)

One of my favorite illustrations/drawings
  • Watercolor experimentation
  • GeomeTREES
  • Found Picture frames
  • Dog nook decorations
  • A longer conversation sketches
  • Paint by number
  • Statistics/Commentary/Analysis of Dating TV shows
    • Are You the One?
    • Too Hot to handle
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette (but there’s so many seasons of this…. so maybe not)
    • Other shows that I just want an excuse to watch again
  • Train my dogs to put away their own toys
  • Paint mural in basement
  • Paint bathroom
  • Sock wall
  • Make little animations
  • write poems
  • actually share my art/poems (Yes this counts as a project because it takes a lot of days and energy to work up the nerve to do that)
  • Sewing Projects
    • Pirate Shirt
    • Shirt Alterations
    • Overalls
    • Something with all the fabric I have bought because its pretty but don’t know what to do with yet
  • Crocheting
    • Geometric shapes
    • Geometric solids
    • Scarf
    • Shirt/sweater
    • Hyperbolic Planes
    • Other math experimentation
  • Print/Hang Family Photographs
  • Art Commissions/RedBubble Uploads
  • Police Abolition? Broad and large, I know. Thats how I feel too, but I’m working on what this means to me and how I can be involved
  • Learn how to play video games better (mostly by playing Stardew Valley)
  • Find community here
  • Give new and old friendships the love and attention they deserve
  • Wedding planning???
  • Get ready for my first full time teaching position!!!???
  • Learn how to relax (I think this will be among the hardest)
  • Take care of myself/Exist as a person…theres so much involved in that so I’m listing it