thoughts going into term 2 (as a real life math teacher)

(I’m actually a teacher, wow. This is my job? I am responsible for the education of actual human beings. I have been trusted with this? That still is sinking in.)

  • of course its starting with a new surge of covid and the possibility of going virtual. i am trying to not overthink things or get too anxious but wow i did not need that.
  • i spent about as much time planning when i would do various planning as i did actually planning.
  • i have a few new ideas for systems of organization, and i am excited to see if they work or make a difference and help me feel less chaotic.
  • i am very nervous for reestablishing norms. balancing being kind and understanding and encouraging them to take care of themselves now more than ever while also having high expectations for what I think they are capable of

Update: Thoughts after 2 days:

  • Wow I am so tired. I forgot how tiring this is
  • i did miss this, and these kids.
  • i did not miss emails. i hate answering emails. i don’t understand the genre of emails.
  • in general, i am very happy with my decision to do minimal work during break. this week is a little more busy, but i am glad i let myself rest

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