rebuilding my relationship with my body

I learned how to deprive my body before I learned how to sustain it.
I learned how to control my body before I learned how to care for it.

I want to love my body. I want to be able to celebrate it and show it off. And I feel so ashamed that I am ashamed of it, like a friend I don’t want anyone to know I associate with. But I want to love each bump and roll. Each patch of hair. Each muscle. Each scar and pucker and wrinkle. Because my body is a masterpiece that has accomplished so much.
And I need to overcome what the world has ingrained in me.
It makes me feel so helpless to have to find these biases deep in my subconscious.

But I refuse to let anyone else feel like this
I will do the work so they don’t have to
I will unlearn and reteach and break apart and put back together
So they can live without patchwork pieces of themselves missing

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