assorted thoughts from my notes app

  1. “I don’t need to define what I’m doing in order to do it”
  2. “Name: Poppleton”
  3. “I feel too zoomed in on tiny pieces of myself to see the whole picture”
  4. Notes from a vet appointment
  5. Notes of things to tell my therapist about
  6. Grocery list from last march
  7. “I wanna try pottery throwing”
  8. list of possible names when we were adopting our first dog: “zeke, eric, Derrick, balsamic, icarus, jack, apple jack, corckie”
  9. Lots of random numbers, no idea what any of them refer to
  10. A list of adventures my fiancé and I have gone on, last updated 3 years ago
  11. Quote from a friend: “This is the time: Shoulder to shoulder, Knee to knee, Squishy to squishy”
  12. “The witch industry”
  13. “Looking from the inside out or outside in”
  14. Wedding ideas: “butter sculpture of cayden, clip lights, dog officiant, butter sculpture of dogs”
  15. A broken link to a google spreadsheet
  16. “I will be a teacher for the one trans kid”
  17. To do lists
  18. List of what our dream house looks like
  19. The number razor various people like their hair cut
  20. “I want having kids to not be so medical”
  21. “ “I’m unapologetic” wow I’m so apologetic. I should change that”
  22. “It’s not cheating, it’s trusting the work of people who came before me”
  23. “I love pop culture because it is communal. We experience it together”
  24. “Note to self: take more selfies”
  25. “Draw the part of myself that wants to be part of the crowd and draw the part that doesn’t feel safe”
  26. “Making art together is intimate. Thinking creatively and drawing together is intimate”
  27. Many poems (not all finished)

Note: I don’t remember what most of these quotes were in reference to, but they mean something different to me now. Its interesting how our brains do this

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