current projects (or things that i want to be projects…)

Alternatively Titled: Am I over whelmed or over excited?

(An incomplete/Working list)

One of my favorite illustrations/drawings
  • Watercolor experimentation
  • GeomeTREES
  • Found Picture frames
  • Dog nook decorations
  • A longer conversation sketches
  • Paint by number
  • Statistics/Commentary/Analysis of Dating TV shows
    • Are You the One?
    • Too Hot to handle
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette (but there’s so many seasons of this…. so maybe not)
    • Other shows that I just want an excuse to watch again
  • Train my dogs to put away their own toys
  • Paint mural in basement
  • Paint bathroom
  • Sock wall
  • Make little animations
  • write poems
  • actually share my art/poems (Yes this counts as a project because it takes a lot of days and energy to work up the nerve to do that)
  • Sewing Projects
    • Pirate Shirt
    • Shirt Alterations
    • Overalls
    • Something with all the fabric I have bought because its pretty but don’t know what to do with yet
  • Crocheting
    • Geometric shapes
    • Geometric solids
    • Scarf
    • Shirt/sweater
    • Hyperbolic Planes
    • Other math experimentation
  • Print/Hang Family Photographs
  • Art Commissions/RedBubble Uploads
  • Police Abolition? Broad and large, I know. Thats how I feel too, but I’m working on what this means to me and how I can be involved
  • Learn how to play video games better (mostly by playing Stardew Valley)
  • Find community here
  • Give new and old friendships the love and attention they deserve
  • Wedding planning???
  • Get ready for my first full time teaching position!!!???
  • Learn how to relax (I think this will be among the hardest)
  • Take care of myself/Exist as a person…theres so much involved in that so I’m listing it

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